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Wall Ceiling Climbing RC Car

Experience the thrill of driving with our RC car that can climb walls and perform 360Ā° rotating stunts, all while lighting up the room with its lights.

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Airtime Hand-Controlled Drone

Introducing the Airtime Hand-Controlled Flying Mini-Drone: the easiest and safest way for kids to experience the thrill of flight. Simply throw to start and invert to stop, using advanced infrared sensor hover technology and built-in gyroscopes for balance and control.

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RC Robot

Get ready for endless hours of fun with the Gesture Control Transformation RC Robot Stunt Car! This transforming robot warrior sports car is perfect for kids aged 6 and up, and helps develop coordination, hand-eye combination, and sense of direction.

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Gesture Control Car

Welcome to Gesture Control Car, the premier destination for fun and interactive toys for kids.

  • Wide selection of high-quality toys

    Gesture Control Car offers a wide range of toys for kids, including robots, cars, ride-on cars, and drones. No matter what your child is interested in, you'll be able to find something they'll love.

  • Convenient online shopping

    With an online store, shopping from Gesture Control Car is easy and convenient. You can browse and purchase from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about crowds or limited store hours.

  • Latest technology and features

    All of the toys available from Gesture Control Car are designed with the latest technology and features, such as gesture control, LED lights, and more, to provide a truly immersive and exciting experience.

  • Educational and fun

    In addition to being fun, the toys from Gesture Control Car are also educational, helping kids develop coordination, hand-eye combination, and sense of direction.

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