10 Real Customer Reviews About Gesture Control Car

Our gesture controlled RC car features unique double-sides driving design, super strong anti-collision structure and roll over and drive by both sides easily. It is so much fun to use, and it makes such an amazing gift for everyone. But don’t take our word for it, take it from our satisfied customers who have purchased and used our gesture controlled RC!

Review Name: Sophie Loo

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Goes over any surface!

Review Description:

This RC car is definitely an upgrade to our old one. Really fun toy for bonding for both dad and son. I was worried about the car shell as it looks soft... but we have put it through a few crashes and no damages... I am glad that it comes with 2 sets of batteries as it gets played a lot and saves us on buying disposable batteries... Each set lasts about 15-20 min. My little boy used to get frustrated with his old car as it wasn’t great with some of the surfaces but this car really goes over anything. We are thinking about getting a second one for Xmas to be able to really race the cars.

Review Name: Josiah Prince

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Wow, it's amazing !!!

Review Description

wow! This remote control is really fun! it rolls at an incredible speed! This controls very well and the battery life is very long. This tele-guided allows you to learn to control a vehicle because it responds very well and it is all a machine to get excited and have fun. the remote responds very well. The batteries are rechargeable in little time and it comes with 4 batteries! can be given as a gift

Review Name: Ariana Hooper

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Amazing RC car easy to carry around

Review Description

I've had a number of RC cars over the years and this one is without doubt the best I've ever owned.

The pros:

- The acceleration is incredible, it goes like a bat out of "blank".

- Battery installation is extremely straightforward and clickable. I much prefer it to the tiny little connectors found on some RC cars and drones. These batteries just slide right in like normal batteries.

- The battery charger is also great, charges quickly and is similarly easy to deal with.

- The car is very durable and strong. My son's favorite thing to do is drive it at the curb full speed and have it do flips, so I expected it to have a short life, but it takes the punishment. A couple of times one of the "control arms" (not sure what you call it) has popped off its hinge after a big hit, but it pops back on easily and is no worse off.

- The controller works well, there is no pairing involved, you just turn the power on to the car and controller you're off. It's also quite sensitive and allows you to go at a steady slow pace of hit the throttle and go full speed.

The cons:

- It's fine in short grass, dirt, etc., but gets a bit bogged down in thick long grass. It's certainly not a big deal as we prefer to play with it on the road.

This RC car is so much fun, my son and I love it, I highly recommend it.

Review Name: Georgia Stevenson

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Fun toy

Review Description:

My son enjoyed this remote car very fast and the battery lasted a very long time. Very easy to drive, remote is simple. He can also make some fun drift with the car and it can go almost on any surface except long grass. The car also looks amazing.

Review Name: Joss Taylor

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Upgrading my son's powerless remote cars to a real one!

Review Description

My son has a bunch of the toddler style slow remote cars, and I decided it's time to upgrade him as he's turning 5 next month! He's gonna love this thing. I had to "test" it (haha) to make sure it'll be fast enough. Oh man, this thing is ridiculously fast; I can't even go full speed for very long on our short street! I think it may actually go close to the advertised 25 km'h. This may have been a mistake for my near 5 year old, haha! Oh well, it'll last year if he doesn't break it. The beauty of it having that much power is that it works on rough terrain where there's much more resistance. It flies through the carpet easily inside the house too, but there isn't enough space to use it. This one's a keeper!

Review Name: Manal Schofield

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Gesture control car

Review Description:

My toddler is so into cars. So I got this gesture control car for him to play. It looks heavy duty. I think the wheels and suspension make it heavy duty. However, the car body is made out of plastic, which I didn't expect. But it doesn't affect too much of its function. It can go quite fast which scares my toddler a bit. Battery lasts pretty long for play. It also comes with rechargeable batteries which saves me money. It can be played outside. Overall it's great!

Review Name: Blaine Wheeler

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: This car is great for playing outdoors

Review Description:

I got this for my six-year-old son, who has a collection of remote control cars. This car is really unique because it can change its shape into an SUV and can change back to a formula 1 race car. The gesture control functions almost perfectly fine up until 60-65, and the car comes with two rechargeable battery packs. On one recharge, my son could play approximately 30 to 40 minutes of continuous play time in a park. I like that this can easily cross over small obstacles and also works when it has flipped upside down. 

Review Name: Asim Strickland

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Transforming RC car that will go off-road and on any surface

Review Description:

My son is really into RC cars at the moment and he wanted one that could go off-road. This one looked cool as it could transform from an off road vehicle to lower profile racing car. It has a metal body so feels well built, and my son has ramped it off various things and it keeps on going! When it is in off road mode and if it rolls over, you can turn it to low profile mode and it will transform and the wheels will hit the ground and you can keep going either on the roof or upright. Great buy for some RC entertainment!

Review Name: Oscar Weston

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: One of a kind RC truck

Review Description:

Actually, I have other rc trucks but when i saw this, i was compelled to buy it because i was intrigued. Read on

Design: i like RC cars because it’s not prone to tip overs as the tires sit close to the surface when it runs. On the other hand, I like RC trucks because they can run on virtually any surface. This is one of those trucks that could offer you both. At the press of a button, it can go from stable, low center of gravity, to high, all terrain mode. I can now play on both smooth pavement and lawn/gravel without interruptions

Review Name: Lexi-May Jimenez

Review Stars: 5/5

Review Title: Eye catching colors, RC monster

Review Description

My son saw this eye catching RC monster while he was searching for new cars to his collection and I decided to buy this for him. The material is hard plastic and rubber and child friendly material. It comes with two batteries, remote controller and user manual to use this in out of the box status.

The remote is very responsive and it has anti jamming functionalities and there by work independently to do races with the same kind of cars.

Two battery packs have long battery life and each battery pack can work 3o minutes and both provide about one hour of playing time.

This RC can drive on both sides of it and because of 4 wheel functionalities it can go very fast over any surfaces. This car is ideal for RC car racing and this one is far faster than my son's friends' ones.

Tires are non slip design and because of that this can run over any surface life snow and due to sturdy nature no damage happened after using very roughly for 2 weeks My son loves his new car and I am really happy with my purchase.

There you have it! Our gesture controlled RC is loved by many that you have to try it for yourself! If you are interested in learning more or purchasing your own gesture controlled RC, click here!

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