5 Reasons your Boyfriend will Love the Gesture Control Car

5 Reasons your Boyfriend will Love the Gesture Control Car

2020 has caused many countries to reinforce stay-at-home lockdown orders. Many people were left home alone with nothing to do. Are you and your boyfriend bored during quarantine? This gesture control car is the perfect way to keep your boyfriend entertained! 

They’re super entertaining

This car is super fun to use and can entertain your boyfriend for hours! You can use it anytime and anywhere thanks to its design. Use it on any type of terrain! Your boyfriend will never be bored during quarantine thanks to this toy!

It has a cool and sleek design

    This stunt car has a unique double-sided design. Because of this, it can be driven on both sides and flipped. It can overcome any obstacle on any terrain. The car is made from plastic and metal so it can sustain anything! Not only is it fun to play with but it also looks super cool!

    Super resistant to its environment

      The Gesture Control Car is made to sustain many different environments, so you can play with it at home or outside. It has strong power and goes 25 km/hour. Its body can bend and drive on four wheels for stability. It also changes shape depending on its terrain! 

      It’s easy to operate

        Thanks to the 2.4 Ghz radio control system, the Gesture Control Car is easy to operate. You can even use the controller from 150 meters away! Its double-sided design allows the car to drive on either side and easily deal with obstacles. 

          It's a gift from you!

          Not only is this a one-of-a-kind gift, it's an amazing gift coming from you! It is a gift that your boyfriend will love and appreciate. During quarantine, he can entertain himself and never feel bored again!

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