Coolest Toys of 2021: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car

Coolest Toys of 2021: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car

We just left 2020... and in 2021 we got to do better, right? So why don’t you start off with having the coolest toys this year. We present to you the Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car! It’s the perfect toy car for kids and adults. This control car has omnidirectional movement and is controlled by you. 

We’re going to tell you why you should have this as part of your cool toy collection. Let’s go.


You’ll be sure to win every race with The Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car! It’s double sided and has omnidirectional movement! Since this toy car has a central wheel with axles around the wheel, you can zoom past all your competitors in any direction. Avoid all your obstacles with ease and if it happens to flip over, you can STILL drive it! The toy car has a bionic spine and will pick up from where it left off and zoom to win the race.


Since the Gesture Control Car is controlled by the hand remote strapped to your hand, you can control where it goes by hand gestures! You will get practice synchronizing your eyes, hands, and car all at once. Once you tilt left or right, the car goes left or right! Raise your hand and the car raises into an “off-road” position, ready to climb! Lower your hand and the car flattens into sports car mode. The power of stunting is all in your hands!



Whether you’re in the house or outside on the playground, this car is suitable to be used on any terrain! The car can bend, tighten the wheels, and stabilize wherever you use it. Kids can race each other wherever they are without any interference!


Want to become a pro with stunts? Find a smooth or hill-like floor and practice all different types of movements! The Gesture Car is easy to operate and comes with a 2.4 GHz radio control system that allows for complete control up to 150 meters! You can practice stunts with multiple cars too!


This toy car is one of a kind! We’ve never seen a better Gesture Toy Car to play with. You can gift this to anyone that loves playing with cars, collecting, or doing stunts! This could become a new hobby for anyone this year. Become a pro stunt girl or boy in no time.


You want one now don’t you? Who could say no to such a crazy toy car. Once you try it out, you’re gonna love it! It’s going to be a new experience for those who like driving toy cars! Want to get your own? Check out our Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car right here!


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