What is a Gesture Control Car?

The Most Advanced RCC of Today!

Remote Control Cars (RCC) have never been smarter, more intuitive, and more FUN! 

The Gesture Control Car has TWO main innovative features...

1. Gesture Control

We love handheld controllers, but we love watch remote controllers even more! Strap the watch remote to your hand and your RCC can now be controlled with the simple swipe of your hand: up, down, left, right. The controls have never been more intuitive! This innovative design allows children from younger ages to enjoy the thrill of RCC play!

2. Omni-directional Drive

Using a central wheel as an elemental axis partnered with 4-wheel drive and smart design components, this stunt car can move in every direction and overcome ALL obstacles! Gone are the days where your RCC gets stuck in the terrain or flips over in the middle of the drive. Great for indoor and outdoor use, the Gesture Control Car is the best RCC toy to keep things FUN!

WOW, I need this!!

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