Best Gift For Christmas - Gesture Control Car

Best Gift For Christmas - Gesture Control Car

With everything going on in the world today, its become more and more important to reward ourselves and our loved ones. So, I've found the perfect toy for every boy and girl this Christmas - the Gesture Control Car. Fun and interactive, its kept my kids from staring at their screens for too long without hurting my wallet! My friends keep asking each other what they are getting their kid for Christmas, some respond with a new gaming machine and others respond with books - NOT IDEAL. I've found that the Gesture Control Car gives the perfect balance of fun and outdoor learning. Over the 6 weeks that my family and I have had it, they keep asking "when can we get another one?"

Anytime, Anywhere

By design, the car has two main modes: Off-road climbing and sports car. By changing the speed and height of the car, kids can learn physics while having a blast! The off-road mode can climb tough surfaces using its unique wheel design, dynamically navigating very rough terrain. But why have only an SUV? The Gesture Control Car can also be excitingly quick, racing around any parking lot, sidewalk, lawn or living room. With the versatility to take the toy ANYWHERE, the Gesture Control Car proves its worth!


With a battery life of over 2 hours, the fun just won't end! My kids have got off their phones and iPads, playing with this fun little car. With short charge times, and long hours of fun, the toy will keep kids engaged and interested. Also, the motion controls encourage fun and interactive movement when driving, steering and changing modes. They've actually asked to go to the park because they love this little toy. Sadly, the parks have been closed lately but it hasn't stopped them from asking. There's always something new and inventive to try out, away from the computer screens.

Looks Cool

Coming in Red or Blue, this remote control car looks awesome to boys and girls. The wheels and side-LEDs give beautifully designed accents to the cars, making them fun and stylish. Meanwhile, they are also built tough, handling rough ground while being driven by my 10 year old boy. Tough Tough! The car has rolled down my stairs, run through puddles, and gone through the dirt. My kids have really developed a love for this toy.


Combining beautiful, durable and sleek design with a fun and versatile control scheme, you get the perfect toy for a child this Christmas. 2 hours of fun, any time any place, have faith knowing that they'll be off their phones this holiday season.

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